A book featuring local names, places and events…
and not stuff about New England or California!

The Compleat Pulpwood AnnieCheck out The COMPLEAT Pulpwood Annie because it includes stories about Waycross, Odum, Baxley, Hazlehurst, Albany, Fort Stewart, Brunswick, Reidsville, Jesup, Athens and UGA, Confederate and contemporary Atlanta, Hinesville, Ludowici, Jax, Gibtown and Fernandina Beach, Florida, a Brantley County farm near Waynesville and Nahunta, Willacoochee, Sky Valley and Dillard, plus a tree farm in Arizona and Bruxelles, Belgium. And, of course, there’s fabulous Zenobia (is it Alma???) on U.S. 1 just northeast of the Ware County line.

In Part One of the book, Annie operates out of Bubba’s Bar in Zenobia. Her main weakness is for a smart-aleck guy from the University of Georgia who has zero interest in her professionally. So, she regales him with wild stories about herself, her trashy relatives and other flotsam and jetsam in and around Zenobia while he supplies the beer.

In Part Two of the book, she provides a large batch of tape recordings that she has made “for all you folks out there in Tape Recorder Land!” There’s Annie selling cotton candy (and herself!) at a carnival in downtown Waycross; there’s Annie helping two cronies escape from a prison compound in Odum; there’s Annie digging for the lost confederate gold near Nahunta in Brantley County; and there’s Annie figuring out who Scarlett O’Hara really should have married!

Part Three of the book is subtitled What the Muse Dared Whisper. It includes three spiky episodes involving an unimaginative pastor and his sharp-tongued wife; how to deal with a hurricane in your back yard; a poem in French by one who does not speak it; and how the world will end. (This last one really needs to be read by all women who drive motor vehicles.)

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