“Dixie Mafia Gangster” is Optioned by a Major Studio

dixie-mafia-gangster_coverWell, for those of you who read the book and predicted it would make a great story on the screen, you may be right.

Trooper Entertainment, which is affiliated with Hollywood giant Lionsgate TV, has an option on the book, a true-crime story by Maxwell Taylor Courson. Additionally, the author has been hired as a consultant for the project.

Lionsgate TV is a leading producer of prime time cable and broadcast network series. It currently has 30 shows on 20 different networks. Its hits include “Mad Men”, “Weeds”, “Nurse Jackie” and “Orange is the New Black.”

“Dixie Mafia Gangster” is about Willie Foster Sellers, a country boy from Appling County, Georgia, who aspired to be a great criminal. His career during the 1960s and 1970s included stealing millions of dollars from banks he and his Dixie Mafia gangs burglarized and robbed. Many of them were in states of the Old Confederacy.

Sellers specialized in prison escapes and enjoyed the company of numerous beautiful women. He was a continual thorn to the FBI, which cited him on it’s 10 Most Wanted List for more than two years.

Copies of the second printing of “Dixie Mafia Gangster” are available at $25 each.
Send check, money order or cash to Dr. Max Courson, PO Box 305, Valrico, FL 33595.