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dixie-mafia-gangster_coverCopies of the Willie Foster Sellers story—Dixie Mafia Gangster—are still available. And, yes, it is still in Hollywood with my agent making the rounds.

Wanted by the FBI and on its Ten Most Wanted list for more than two years, Surrency-born Foster Sellers burglarized and robbed banks and stole cars all over the Old Confederacy. He also repeatedly escaped after he was nabbed and jailed.

The Foster Sellers book sells for $25. Please use the book order form. Send to Dr. Max Courson, 2923 Rosecroft Drive, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304.

The author of “Dixie Mafia Gangster” has another biography about a man with
strong southern Georgia connections.

prince-detroit-king-georgia-coast-coverA Prince of Detroit and King of the Georgia Coast” is the long-awaited biography of Howard Earle Coffin.

Coffin was one of the first men to build a motor car with his own hands.  He went on to help found three automobile manufacturing companies—the E.R. Thomas-Detroit Company, the Chalmers-Detroit Company and the Hudson Motor Car Company.

He served in President Wilson’s Council of National Defense during World War I and headed up airplane production in this country.  After the war, he was a pioneer in creating the civilian air transportation industry.

Coffin became familiar with Georgia while attending a nationally promoted grand prix-style auto race around the roads of Savannah.  While there, he learned about Sapelo Island on the Georgia coast and bought it.  He restored its pre-Civil War mansion and opened up fields that had been abandoned since Reconstruction days.  He also started an oyster industry there.  Almost singlehanded,  Coffin established the Georgia coast as a tourist destination area. He built paved roads, a golf course and a yacht club on St. Simons Island and converted a small island north of St. Simons into the Sea Island resort community, featuring The Cloister hotel.

Those with an Appling County/Baxley connection will learn how a former editor of the Baxley News-Banner influenced Coffin to develop St. Simons Island and to name his other property—Sea Island.

Another major accomplishment for coastal Georgia  was Coffin’s successful promotion of Georgia pines to produce pulpwood for paper.  Prior to his efforts, most believed Georgia trees contained too much tar.

“A Prince of  Detroit and King of the Georgia Coast” is 470 pages long and contains more than 50 historic photographs.  Order your copy — signed without charge by the author — for only $25, which includes packaging and postage.

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